Be Curious Be Courageous Be Creative
My goal as a designer is to create a relationship between a woman and a garment - so I really engineer the cover for the body, using classic design tools: the logic of proportions, the aesthetics of textures and the dynamics of movement.

Be Curious Be Courageous Be Creative

I believe there are a variety of creative ways to make smart choices, and this is a creative experience shared by the designer and the customer.

I believe that the creative energy for the future comes from multiple sources. My energy comes from my family,  my students, travelling to beautiful places worldwide, and meeting people.

My everyday creative activity is focused on designing collections for the B.C. brand and teaching the young generation. Every afternoon my studio becomes a school for fashion design – a place where fresh ideas are born, and my job as a teacher is to support and provide practical tools for the success of my students.


With the environment in mind, we are moving towards minimizing our environmental impact; landfill, waste, and environmental stress due to unnecessary production. We are working with you, our customer, to hand-make our garments one at a time for you! 

Use of ecological materials, with strict standards, quality of service and full transparency regarding the process of manufacturing the garment – these are the principles of the brand! Each garment will be handmade with love just for you.

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