Independent learning is a wonderful ability worth cultivating! The huge advantage is that today it is indeed possible to learn a lot without leaving home!

Especially for those who love comfort, personal pace and accessibility – without sacrificing quality – we have developed a variety of online courses and workshops!

Our courses provide a wealth of knowledge, offer different and fun ways to practice and improve skills – and even test yourself and earn bonus money for realizing purchases on this site – with the knowledge you have accumulated!
Our in-box workshops provide an opportunity to enjoy a focused and organized mini-sewing course – and enjoy an amazing custom product – your handiwork! Our DIY box workshops are divided into 3 difficulty levels:
Basic – Suitable for beginners
Medium – Suitable for those who have experience in sewing
Advanced – Suitable for those who want to improve and upgrade their abilities, are not afraid to challenge themselves with new techniques and ideas.
Among the benefits of DIY boxes: adjusting to exact body measurements, attached reusable cut, focusing and delving into specific sewing techniques according to a particular topic, unlimited access to the tutorial so you can replicate the success over and over again!

Let’s be impressed! Most of the instructional videos of the mini-courses – as well as lots of theoretical and practical study materials are open to view (you can enter through the product pages here – or directly on the channel, there were improvements to the studio:)https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3t7WglC-yDURIgScii0HGA

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