Welcome to the photo gallery!

Here you can see the present and the history of the diverse work in the studio: from photographs of productions and collections, behind the scenes of the creating   process and DIY fashion boxes- to photographs of the studio students and the items they create during the courses and workshops

B.C. Collections

Throughout our brand’s existence, we’ve captured some truly unforgettable moments with our crack team of photographers, ashtray holders and supermodels (credits below). We’ve also had the pleasure of working with some truly wild and talented artists. If you’ve got any questions, comments, or want to recommend someone for us to work with (photographer, stylist, model, editor, producer and more), we’re all ears!

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Behind the scenes of making the models and filming productions

Sustainable fashion begins with full transparency! We are happy to share with you the making processes, to hear your opinion on our choices – from the production of the thread / purchase of the material – through the design and production process, both of the brand collections – and educational content in our school! What do you think we can improve?

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Courses and workshops in the studio: Students creating FASHION

We want to share with you the huge happiness of creative doing! Look at the young girls and the older and older fashion lovers researching, planning, cutting and sewing amazing models that will make you want to learn too!

Do you live far away? You can not come to the studio? Love the comfort of  your home? So just for you we have online courses and workshops at all levels! And DIY kits for tailoring and tutorial videos!

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