Sewing course in the box: Mini skirt, with ribbon & 2 flattering layers. 

Difficulty level: Basic. 

Welcome to a mini sewing course where you can sew yourself trendy and easy-to-make a perfectly happy mood skirt! With precisely cutting logic & sewing tutorial video!
The cut includes all the parts,  with markings for the connection points and darts, a  ribbon, a zipper,  and matching threads that are of course also attached to the kit you received.
You can use the pattern to create more items in your design – and even change it and remodel it.
Now it only remains to follow the instructions in the video, step by step. And understand the beautiful logic behind the sewing process! 
I will teach you connections and edge & waistline processing of various types, easy, and a variety of other basic important rules of working with fabric – rules that will become skills that you can apply later 🙂 Good luck and enjoy the process and the result!
More sewing tutorials, courses and equal tips can be seen on our studio channel:

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