Fashion is a wonder, a creation that combines talents and skills from many fields (art, craftsmanship, scientific insights: physics, engineering, statistics, anthropology) and more.
Now this wonder comes to You in a box!
The box is a personal sewing course, some of the boxes includeunique fashion stories, some – a small test that you can do at the end of your project – and win a bonus coupon for every purchase on the site!
The wonderful box includes: a garment cut to your personal measurements, a reusable custom pattern for the chosen model, all the accessories needed for sewing and of course: a detailed instructional video with which you can sew a selected and completely custom garment yourself and without leaving home!

What does it mean? This means that if you have a sewing machine and even though you only took the first steps (you learned how to operate it and sew simple things in basic stitches) – you can move on to the next challenge and create a  unique garment with your own hands! This garment is made to measure, cut to your personal body shape and made of a fabric that is easy to handle (does not stretch or slip), so even if the model looks impressive and challenging – when you divide the work into precise steps, work neatly with a video with all the explanations – the process becomes easy and fun!
With our DIY Fashion Box you can do it yourself!

In this short course you will learn a variety of sewing techniques – and also a little more complex ones, for example: sewing a hem in a circle, processing with a diagonal ribbon, neckline facing technics, threading, sleaves attaching. All this and a lot of different kinds of techniques-  with the help of a detailed tutorial video that you can see on the page that will open after the purchase- and of course the contents of the box itself.

After placing your order, our stunning box is on its way to you! Please note that you have submitted the desired sizes and you have provided an exact shipping address on the order page! If you made a mistake or would like to add information – please contact us immediately! We prepare the box for you with love and great precision so that you will fully enjoy your work!
The fashion box includes: the sewing accessories needed to make the item (threads, ribbons, buttons, etc.)
And of course: you get unlimited access to the detailed tutorial video that teaches you how to sew, what the techniques are and what the correct operation is – and of course the logic – so you can apply your knowledge and some new skills for your next projects!
More sewing tutorials, courses and equal tips can be seen on our studio channel


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