The hallmarks of the brand B.C. They are also an honest approach to processes and results: full transparency about the materials and the production process and the possibility of being aware and even actively involved in the process of creating the garment.

That’s exactly why I opened up 3 choices for my clients:
The first is to choose and order a garment in person (the advantage: a VIP experience, a perfect fit for the body and of course saving the environment because we do not have stock)

The second is the usual way: choose a standard size ,

And the third way is to be a full partner in creating the coveted item and sew it independently (we provide the fabrics, the unique cuts and the instructional video – so you can enjoy both the process – and the product).

Our timeless items, with volume, proportions, unique textures and sophisticated color combinations, craftsmanship techniques and handicrafts (knitting, weaving and more) – will be the stars of your closet for many years. Because quality is definitely better than quantity.

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